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Rehabilitation of Process Area and Drain.

In a Chemical Process Plant if Acid / Alkali Resistant Lining fails for the reasons:

  • 1.Lack of Understanding of the job and its Execution.
  • 2.Improper Selection of Material.
  • 3.Poor workmanship.

Acid pilferage in to the Concrete and in the soil, its starts from the drain

In picture its clearly evident Bottom has been completely eroded to the extend:

  • 1.Picture 1, Effluent has made a passage below the bottom level of the drain.
  • 2.Picture 2, Bottom of type collection chamber of DM Plant no longer exist, Foundation and PCC is exposed to the Chemicals (Acid/Alkali)
  • 3.Side wall also damages the Floor of Process plant is just hanging.

This led to the situation

Apart from the damages of the Civil Structure and the losses which are uncountable, here to count the commercial looses will not be possible, as we will never get Shut Down for a period where we complete the Civil work and execute the Lining job even half heartedly.

In Longer run its leads to the damage of the Soil which is beyond reparable, but in the process in next few years the soil will be contaminated to the extent that neither we will get fresh water nor the neutral water for agriculture.

Crescent with proven track record and out of the box approach offered the solution and execute the job to rehabilitee the Process Plant Flooring and Process Drain without effecting the regular operation of the plant, which is one of the prime requirements for the process plant. We have been fortunate to prove the capability with the esteem organization of India i.e.
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